Mission Briefing

Son, you don't know your ass from your elbow. Report to the command center and get yourself briefed ASAP! 

Recon Images

Never been in combat with a giant mech before? Better take a look at these intel files and get a first look at what you're going to be dealing with out there... 

Field Guide for Mechs

Knowing the difference between an "Antrho mech" and a "Mech destroyer" destroyer, is as useful as being able to identify a tank versus a tank destroyer. Learn the tech lingo of OPDS. 


So what's the story? An alternate history  odyssey sprawling across the many theaters of World War II.  

Major Powers

Find out how the great nations of WWII left their marks not solely on history, but on the distinctive iron giants they spawned. Each mech bears a vestige of it's origin country. 


OPDS is brought to you by an international team of artists and creators. Go here for to see who they are and what they're cooking! 

The Mission

Operation: Dragon slayer is a personal project started circa 2007. With a wide range of influences, from games like "Ring of Red" and "Front Mission" to films such as "Kelley's Heroes and "The Dirty Dozen", Operation: Dragon Slayer represents a distillation of various obsessions. My passions for history, mech design, story telling, and video games converge here. 

OPDS (for short) is conceived as a tactical RPG set during the WWII era, which includes both real time combat, and turn based strategy. 

In the Alternate History scenario of Operation: Dragon Slayer, mechs of various types and configuration battle alongside historically accurate WWII vehicles and unmounted soldiers. Ex​perience the versatility of WWII mechs as you try out new weapons and payload configurations. 

Players can explore a deep single player campaign spanning across several major combat theaters of WWII, or go online and test your skills against other players with your choice of faction and battlefield.



Prepare your forces in an assembly area or field HQ; Organize your combat groups, acquire new units, vehicles, mechs, and weapons. Customize your vehicles' weapon load and appearance. 

Mech Chess

Strategic movement of forces on a large battle map, where you will take turns against Axis forces in a deadly chess game -each piece on the board representing a different combat group. 


Enter combat from the perspective of your chosen group command vehicle, while other (AI controlled) friendly units assist you either by acting independently or following your specific orders.  

The Campaign

AWOL Allies

An oddball gang united in the North African Desert... Six AWOL American soldiers find themselves in charge of the US Amy's latest walking tanks, originally addressed c/o General Bernard Montgomery as a counter to Rommel's surging Afrika Korps. Trapped deep behind enemy lines, a hard fight is their only way out. For these wayward soldiiers, the journey back to friendly lines goes all out FUBAR. 

One wrong turn dooms them to a path always farther from home, and deeper into a dark plot that lingers at the very heart of the Second World War. Following a trail of conspiracy, the odyssey will lead them and their armored giants out of Africa and far beyond; from the Mediterranean theatrer, to France's frozen Ardennes, occupied Eastern Europe, and ultimately to the secret Lairs of the War's clandestine engineers, hidden deep in Germany. 

Formidables Foes

At every milestone of the gang's journey,  a deadly force awaits -An elite Team of the Axis Power's finest Panzer Aces, commanding their own custom built "Panzer zu fuss".

Recruit your team!

Luckily for the stray Americans, a few more vagabonds of war join their fight: a dauntless British intelligence officer, a Free-French Resistance Fighter, a captured Polish tank jock, a downed RAF pilot, a Danish underground agent, a Scottish mercenary, a Czech Partisan, and even an Austrian defector.

Just as the German High Command seems uncannily aware of their every move, so too is the US defense department not utterly in the dark about the plight of its armored agents. Somewhere in the back rooms of Washington DC, the initiative is officially classified and given a name- OPERATION: DRAGON SLAYER

Return to Base!

The Powers that Be

Soviet Union

As Napoleon once said; quantity has a quality all of it's own! Rough and ready, the unrelenting  tide of Soviet mechs declares the industrial might of Mother Russia.  

United Kingdom

Knights of an embattled Empire, British mechs struggled to adapt to the radical new rules written by Germany's juggernaught war machine. 

United States

Reliability and adaptability, are the standout features of American made mechs; essential qualities, proven time and again throughout the chaos of war.    


French mechs once stood at the forefront of walking armor technology at the start of WWII, but were inevitably surpassed following capitulation to Germany. 

Nazi Germany

As the architect of war fought by armored giants, Nazi Germany remained a key innovator and engineer of new technology throughout the war's entire span. 


Much like the boisterous Duce himself, Italian mechs, beyond parade spectacles, were all bluster, with very little to show in terms of actual fighting quality.

The mechs of OPDS: A Field Guide

Basic Training

ALL mechs in OPDS are inspired by authentic WWII tanks and vehicles. For every mech, there is a corresponding AFV (armored fighting vehicles) with which it shares an origin story, as well as mechanical parts. So each mech, though a figment of dieselpunk fantasy, is also rooted in real history.

Armored Cousins

Granting each mech a 'cousin' AFV has its advantages. If you know the basic characteristics of a particular tank, you've got a head start towards getting a feel for its taller walking cousin. This hold true when considering your armored forces as well as those of the enemy.      

There are strategic advantages for mechs traveling with their smaller cousins too; a mechanic who can get a damaged Sherman tank running again is more likely to have luck fixing a "Big Joe" since they've got the same engine, among other parts. In the field, commanders will experience such advantages as  they manifest in the form of greater mobility and more efficient repair actions.

Mech Classes

There are several different types of mechs featured in Operation: Dragon Slayer, each with its own special tactical role. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type is crucial when organizing your combat group. Knowing the difference between an "Antrho mech" and a "Mech destroyer" destroyer, for example, is as useful as being able to identify a tank versus a tank destroyer, or a self-propelled gun (SPG), versus an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC).  

Prepare yourself!

Visit the complete OPERATION: Dragon Slayer field guide to learn about all the varieties of mechs you can take to the field, as well as those you'll be up against in combat.


Rob Cavanna

Creator of OPERATION: Dragon Slayer. Obsessing over WWII Mechs since 2003.

Thomas Schosslietner

Long-time partner, content creator, and 3D modeler. 

Joshua Loo

Mech Designer, Line Artist, Concept dude extraordinaire. 

Anton Moscowsky

Artist, 3D modeler, and actual Robotics Engineer. 

Todd Norton

Artist, 3D modeler, and diesel-transport expert

Cosedi Marco

3D Modeler, Conceptualist, Master Mecha Engineer


Sean K. Dunkley

Gun for hire. 

Adam Wesierski

Gun for hire.

Leonardo M. Giron

Gun for hire.

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